I started taking pictures many years ago and spent countless hours in the darkroom, even winning an award from USC for one of my pieces. At some point I just stopped taking anything but the occasional family photo. 

After dozens of years taking virtually no photographs, my wife talked me into taking some photos, so I picked up a digital SLR and darn if it wasn't fun. I used to be an "analog snob" but I have found that it takes a good bit of effort  to get a digital picture "right". I respect the effort that goes into making a statement with this technology. And I don't miss the darkroom one bit!

I also spent some time painting in the interim, my favorite medium being acrylic on wood panels, mostly because the wood grain would inspire the outcome. I often see photographs that way now. Many times the original photograph is just the jumping off point for something else. A different interpretation of a scene, or maybe something closer to what I saw than what I could capture in a few pixels. I can't always say where a click of a shutter will lead me.  

I've been experimenting a lot lately. You may see several versions of pictures popping up. This is due both to indecisiveness and customer request. I don't often produce the same print more than a few times without modifying it. Even the photos that have become quite popular go through variations. I often work with clients to get a picture to meet their needs, so don't be afraid to ask.

In addition to this web site my work can be found at Boulder Creek Antiques and Art, in Boulder Creek, Ca. Drop by sometime. You might even run into me there. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Thanks for stopping by, 


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