There are a wide range of photo products available. All the products on this site are printed at Bay Photo Labs. They produce some of the finest prints in the world and are the source for nearly all my gallery and retail products.  Their service has always been impeccable.

I try to post the largest available source files to this site to ensure that you will receive a print nearly identical to my test prints.  If you are unsure about a print's scalability or crop please contact me. Images normally range from 8"x10"to 24"x36". I tend to favor 8x12, 12x18, 16x20, 18x24, and 20x30 in sizes. There are a few panoramas offered as well. Some images appear more than once to reflect different aspect ratios as certain effects are destroyed by cropping, so I have created separate images in an attempt to preserve the overall feel of the image. One of the reasons for the borders and faux matting on some images is my desire to create a uniform image that will have a variety of ratios available.

Please note; the images are all proofed to Bay Photo's printer profiles, so they will appear a little "hotter" on the screen than the actual print.  I almost always recommend metallic paper prints, they look significantly better than gloss prints for virtually every image. There are a few prints that benefit from a matte finish and I try to note that where appropriate. In the past I have normally recommended monochrome and faded prints be produced with a matte finish, but with certain images (i.e.-the black and white naked lilies in the flora gallery), I have been amazed with the depth that the metallic finish adds.  

In my physical store I offer everything from 2" square magnets to poster sized prints. I have sold hundreds of magnets featuring my photos, some with logos and some customized for special occasions like birthdays or weddings, using customer supplied images. Magnets are assembled by us in our studio and require a little more lead time. They are not offered directly through this site, but you can contact me.

Thank you for your interest.


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